Lansing Gift Show 2019

March 3, 4 & 5

Cash and Carry

Some of our vendors offer merchandise available in their booths for immediate sale and delivery to take with you from the show. These vendors also conduct order writing business from their booths as well. Cash & Carry, “C & C” sales allow you to purchase with low or no minimums, avoid shipping charges and avoid having to devote precious storage room to extra inventory.


Vendors offering C & C will have a special sign in their booths designating them so you do not have to ask. These vendors will be equipped to handle cash and check purchases (some credit card). You take possession of the item/s immediately and you are then asked to remove the item/s from the show floor before continuing to shop. Merchandise may be moved to your vehicle or held by show management to pick up later. Arrangements can be made to get your vehicle to our loading dock to facilitate moving larger quantities.


The vendors participating in C & C 2019 are:







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